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When we look at the preferences of black daters, we find that both men and women are slightly more likely to respond to whites than to same-race daters.

They are also more likely to respond to black-white daters than black daters who contact them.

In the case of the preference that white and Asian men show for white-Asian women, we may be seeing the influence of longstanding cultural representations of multiracial women as unique and sexually exotic. Thus, Asian and Hispanic women may perceive multiraciality as a marker of Americanization or gender progressiveness. “America’s Changing Color Lines: Immigration, Race/Ethnicity, and Multiracial Identification.” Annual Review of Sociology 1–42. At the same time, multiracial co-ethnics may be more appealing than monoracial white men in the sense that they bring a shared cultural heritage and may be accorded greater acceptance by family members. This is in practice a multiracial dividend, because white women responded to monoracial Asian men as infrequently as they did to blacks.Much scholarly discussion of multiraciality in America has been dominated by the concept of the “one drop rule” that was long enforced in the Jim Crow South, meaning that white-minority multiracial people are treated as minorities.

If gender was kept aside, whites were the most preferred, while blacks fell to the bottom of the list, with Asians and Hispanics straddling the steps in-between!

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