Article updating the arguments against same sex marriage

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It’s no wonder young people are tacking hard to left on this issue.

They don’t want to be insensitive, close-minded, or intolerant.

And if we are interested in being persuasive outside of our own churches, we’ll have to do several things better.

1) We need to go back several steps in each argument.

These tweets and posts and articles perfectly capture the reason why the arguments for gay marriage have become so persuasive so fast.

Gay marriage proponents desire to change the law so that marriage becomes something entirely different.

Surveys often pose the question “Should it be legal or illegal for gay and lesbian couples to marry?

It puts you on the “wrong side of history.” Of course, most people forget that lots of discarded ideas were once hailed as the inevitable march of progress.

Just look at Communism or eugenics or phrenology or the Volt.

” That makes it sound like we are criminalizing people for commitments they make.

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