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Holy Mother of God how did Michael win was my thought last night, not sure what Joan Carroll was thinking at that same moment. )To finish off each night Pastry Chef Monica Glass would prepare a sampling of delish. (update from Monica in the comments section of what exactly I was eating)Hmm after weeks of Jen’s delicious food, a lot of stress and no exercise I will be again following the Fusion Cross Training Fitness program to lose the 100 lbs Judy asked me to do before she passed away. I will also be joining Weight Watchers so when I go back to 10 Arts I will know what I should eat, and how much. Octupus as a side dish was delish, not so visually appealing to me though.Oh, and he's also the only one of the four with an in-home filming studio with an extra kitchen so he can shoot videos in the comfort of his own home.And yes, there's two turtles -- and he even keeps their vitamins in the refrigerator to stay fresh. house is actually an old school, complete with water fountains, urinals and 100-year-old floors that give it some serious charm.DDC: What’s your favorite dish you ever made on Top Chef? We just celebrate by being festive, but we do have an Eggnog milkshake. DDC: Ok, one more thing I have to ask, how many fedoras do you own? Chef Spike: Butternut squash soup for the Improv on Season 4- definitely. We will get together and do a lot of comfort food- mac n' cheese, turkey, cornbread, mashed potatoes. DDC: Do you have any special Holiday additions to menus at your restaurants? Later, the four chefs are enlisted to create a meal for First Lady Michelle Obama.The series premiere of this reality entry in the "Top Chef" franchise.

Chef Spike: We change it up every year in my family. Maybe I'll do some traditional Puerto Rican food or maybe roast a pig or something.

From opening their own restaurants to expanding their growing franchises, viewers will follow Jen Carroll in Philadelphia, Richard Blais in Atlanta, Fabio Viviani in Los Angeles and Spike Mendelsohn in DC.

In the Season 1 finale, Richard opens his dream restaurant but must overcome obstacles; Spike scrambles to launch his eatery; and Jen treats her mother to a salon trip.

Chef Spike: My first experience I didn't have anything to lose. Are there any fun things that happened and didn't make the episodes that aired?

I mean they were on the other team so I was laughing it up but I thought it was weak. It just shows the intensity and how competitive it is. Below is more information on the Mastercard/Suntrust Marketplace, Spike’s Restaurants and Horton’s Kids. Hope you have a great day, great holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Here she prepared tiny sweet potato nuggets with vanilla ice cream.

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