Are david schwimmer and jennifer aniston dating

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The increasingly lurid messages Annie is secretly exchanging with her predator are a sinister pulse building up to their first meeting – and her “seduction” or rape.

How does a director manage to avoid making the “sex scene” in a film such as this one – bearing in mind that the actress was also 14 years old – pruriently appealing?

Would you take a million bucks if it meant the gossip magazines would talk smack about you for the rest of your life? “It was extremely difficult to film,” Schwimmer concedes. I know that it was pushing the boundaries just to have Liana come out in her lingerie, and I made sure that there was modesty lining on the underwear and that the scene was done tastefully and respectfully with regards to her and her body.” He deliberately left the scene until the last week of the 29-day shoot and ensured that there was “no one in the room who didn’t have to be there”.It was tough on the young actress regardless, he says slowly.It almost seems humorous now that there would be such an uproar when you consider what’s around today.I take a shot at that in the film: I want to show that Clive’s character feels culpable about the climate he’s contributing to.” The problem, he insists, is that motivation from either the public or the government to keep things in check simply isn’t there.

Then there’s the fact that the 44 year-old walks with eyes downcast and a “please don’t recognise me” lilt to his gait.

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