Are calleigh and delko dating

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As the probe continues, dark secrets of the drivers and passengers come to light. Season 8, Episode 9November 23, 2009A custodian working at a lavish party is killed when he falls into a tank filled with deadly jellyfish.

The evidence suggests that it wasn't an accident, but murder.

The story continues on "CSI: NY" and concludes on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."Season 8, Episode 8November 16, 2009A two-car crash claims two lives and injures two others, and evidence suggests it wasn't an accident.

The investigation reveals one of the victims may have been drinking and that one of the vehicles was stolen.

His body is discovered submerged in a toilet on his private jet when a man comes to repossess the plane because of missed payments.

The CSIs search for the killer along with the dead man's hidden stash of money to help repay investors.

Meanwhile, Calleigh and Delko testify in an Internal Affairs probe about her shooting at him while he drove from a crime scene with his father.

The evidence suggests she was murdered and reveals she died before being set on fire.

Season 8, Episode 2September 28, 2009The lab is attacked and new CSI Jesse Cardoza is taken hostage along with four other people.

Horatio must carry out the gunman's unique request in exchange for their lives.

The CSIs, along with help from Eric Delko, race to discover whether the man murdered his wife and daughter or is indeed innocent.

Season 8, Episode 15February 8, 2010A man's body falls from the sky and the investigation reveals he was in outer space less than 24 hours earlier. Season 8, Episode 17March 8, 2010The CSIs investigate the murder of an unpopular receptionist.

"We need to announce that we have chosen to separate.

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