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After Antonio learned that she had been spying on the other ladies, (Yvonne had stood up and objected to the vow exchange revealing Christi's agreement to spy on the other ladies), and dealing with Christi's self absorbed behavior and drunken outbursts, Antonio sent Christi packing.During her exit interview, Christi had seemed somewhat astonished saying, "I've never been dumped before". She was the first lady to receive a kiss from Antonio; and the two had some hot make out sessions during one date before it was interrupted by Tully Jenson.Once there, Yvonne refused to return to Prague and remained in Rome, where she married Antonio Sabato, a spaghetti Western star who had appeared in John Frankenheimer’s 1966 car-racing epic “Grand Prix.” In 1987, Yvonne and Antonio, with their two children, moved to Los Angeles, where eventually she discovered her background.The Red Cross tracing service informed Yvonne that her grandparents and uncle had been deported to Auschwitz—a place she had visited with her mother as a teenager, never realizing it was her own family’s graveyard.The 42-year-old former General Hospital actor was seen showing off his buff figure as Artem, 32, looked beyond sexy in an unbuttoned denim top during a practice session for the dance competiton in Hollywood on Sunday.

Yvonne’s mother hid her Jewish background, sending the young girl to Catholic school.

Yvonne appears about halfway through the first episode decked out in a floppy wide-brimmed black hat and form-fitting dress, muttering to her son in a sonorous mix of Italian and English to get rid of “that one with the boobs.” In short order she sends an apparently aimless 28-year-old girl squealing off camera in tears after asking, “Don’t you have any ambitions?

Chippendales stripper, former soap opera actor and Trump stumper Antionio Sabato, Jr.

Over the years, Yvonne said, she wondered why she didn’t have any relatives on her mother’s side, but never had the courage to ask about the past.

“You start thinking, and over the years you get older and say, ‘What is wrong with this picture? “But in those days parents did not talk about certain things.” In the late 1960s, the family toured Italy.

Christi was visibly upset and threw a wine glass breaking it with a few choice words "bleeped" out.

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