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Jessica’s Law the informal name most commonly used to refer to the 2005 Florida law (The Jessica Lunsford Act) was also adopted by many other US States looking to further protect children within their state from sex offenders.

The legislation was also written to reduce the ability of previous sex offenders from striking again, thus thwarting the risk of recidivism.

This is why part of The Jessica Lunsford Act specifically deals with performing background checks on all individuals given access to school district campuses.

The Act itself primarily focuses on increasing the measures used to monitor sexual offenders or predators.

John Couey broke into Jessica’s home early in the morning and kidnapped her.

As a result of this horrific and heinous crime against a child, public outcry led to the creation of new legislation to help prevent the recurrence of this villainous crime.

The result was the passing of a new Florida law named after the young girl officially called The Jessica Lunsford Act, also known as Jessica’s Law.

Jessica’s Story, Subsequent Laws and Sex Offender Awareness Along with current controversy surrounding Sex Offender Registration and the Registry itself In 2005 Florida Governor Bush signed into law the Jessica Lunsford Act.

The Act focused primarily on increasing the measures used to monitor sexual offenders or predators and put new pressure on public school districts to perform background checks on contractors and subcontractors (basically anyone given access to school grounds while the school is open).

He brought her to his trailer where he rapped her at least twice before tricking her into a garbage bag and burying her alive.

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