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The offender pled guilty to molesting two boys, ages 8 and 11.Both victims were friends with the offender¹s son and occasionally spent the night at the offender¹s home.The offender traveled to Mexico after receiving his passport." According to GAO, there is no sex offender registry in Mexico. I say we ban all sex offenders from getting or having drivers liscenses, we'll be much safer then. Further, for heavens sake, let them leave if they want to leave! It should be denied only in very limited circumstances. Although these crimes are extremely serious (in my opinion), they do not justify the removal of the right to a passport, because the mere fact that a former sex offender leaves the country does not suggest an imminent danger to a child or other person.

I'm sorry but these individuals are sick if they can find pleasure in a child there is nothing we can do to change that. ) if you are attracted to men then you are attracted to me if you are attracted to women you are attracted to women and unfotunatedly and as sick as it is if you are attracted to kids then you are attracted to kids and you have something wrong in your head, you never fully grew up and never will you need to be lock away and have the keys put into a locked box and dropped into the deapest part of the ocean!

If you REALLY want to hear the actual statistics and methodologies that WORK, please contact our CEO at That is if you are more interested in creating a safer society for everyone, in particular those who are our most precious citizens: our children.

But if you just want to "report" on "unbiased reports" to "let your viewrship/readership" decide, and not provide the actual tools for a rational decision to be made, than keep on trucking.

For years, we have been monitoring the fallout from the development of the sex offender registry, as well as recidivism statistics for registered sex offenders.

In fact, the likelihood of a registered sex offender from committing a sex crime overseas is actually less than that of someone not on any registry. Sex offenders = high ratings, particularly when presented in an alarmist manner (disguised as an "unbiased GAO report.").

As the report indicated, there was no evidence that any former offenders used their passports to commit new crimes.

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