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Cash equivalent transactions may also be treated as cash advances.This includes things overdraft protection transfers and the purchase of money orders or wire transfers.Your credit card will have a few different APRS: one for purchases, one for balance transfers, one for cash advances, and a penalty APR charged when you default on the terms of your credit card.The interest rate on your credit card is tied to your creditworthiness.Credit card issuers charge interest on your credit card transactions.The interest rate is expressed as an annual percentage rate or APR.Here are some tips on choosing the right credit card. Do you want to pay off a balance at a lower interest rate? If you choose a credit card with an annual fee, make sure the benefits are worth it. Compare the interest rates, fees, rewards, and perks of credit cards from various credit card issuers.

You can keep using your credit card even if you have a balance as long as you have enough available credit.There generally is no fee for making purchases on your credit card.But, any balances you carry on the credit card are subject to interest.The grace period may not apply if you started the billing cycle with a balance or the transaction doesn't get a grace period.Cash advances and balance transfers typically do not have a grace period.

Whip it out of your wallet, swipe it through the credit card reader (or insert it if you've upgraded to an EMV chip credit card), and walk away with your purchases. Knowing all there is to know about credit cards is key to staying out of credit card trouble.

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