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Algerian authorities have been paving the way for renewable energy projects for some time by enacting specific regulations and in particular a feed in tariff for wind and solar PV projects to incentivize investors.

They have also been amending little by little their somewhat restrictive laws on foreign investments, in order to attract international investors and facilitate access to international debt financing for major Algerian projects.

These banks appeared to be less concerned with certain key points as indicated below.

Nevertheless should Algerian authorities now decide to develop an IPP program, international sponsors and lenders should benefit from Algeria’s experience with complex IPP structures, familiarity with international sponsors’ and lenders’ demands, existing dual language documents comprising Framework Investment Agreements, SHAs, PPAs and Land Lease Agreements, an improved business climate and Algeria’s genuine efforts to improve its infrastructure and simplify its cumbersome administrative procedures.

Christophe advised the international sponsors on four subsequent Algerian IWPs (as well as key Algerian players on other industrial and utilities projects).

Our team also advised the sponsors on the development and financing of the last IPP project launched by Algerian authorities at Hadjret Ennous (1,200MW gas-fired power plant) and is currently involved in various industrial transactions and projects in Algeria.

Whilst they have not yet confirmed whether power projects such as the 4,000MW plant will be entirely structured as IPPs funded by way of international limited recourse financing, Algeria’s current economic situation, owing in particular to deteriorating oil prices, would tend to support this approach.

Although in recent years the only major investments in the power sector have been made by State-owned utility Sonelgaz, Algerian authorities are familiar with IPPs/IWPPs as in the late 1990s and early 2000s they extensively negotiated with foreign sponsors and successfully closed a series of IPPs, IWPPs and IWPs, the last of which dating back to 2006.

These documents were subsequently used by the Algerian authorities to develop all IPPs and IWPPs in Algeria as well as some other industrial projects.

On the surface, small businesses seems an attractive market for insurers.

However, their needs can be complex and traditionally have required a “high touch” personal service of a face to face agent or broker to provide advice and guidance, but at a lower premium than their larger corporate counterparts. Change in the asset & wealth management industry is now accelerating at an exponential rate.

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Nevertheless, as evidenced by past experience, there is no reason why, if the Government decides to actively open up this route, international investors and lenders could not play a major role in successfully developing IPPs in Algeria such as a 4,000MW photovoltaic energy project.

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