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At one point, Morgan's father, Mike, created a game for her and her older sisters, Jenny and Jeri.

He attached points to specific goals: grades, charity work, sports achievements, anything that would positively affect his daughters' futures. That kind of drive earned Morgan an athletic scholarship to the University of California in Berkeley.

Despite the challenge to her natural velocity, she still blazes ahead, ponytail flying like a whip. At the 2012 Olympics, she netted the game-winning goal in the last 45 seconds of the semifinal.

It's moments like those—when the stadium is packed and tension is high—that Morgan excels.

SEE MORE: Alex Morgan’s trade will make her the NWSL’s Herschel Walker.

So as the National Women’s Soccer League announced not only its expansion team, the Orlando Pride, but also that marquee player Alex Morgan would be traded from the Portland Thorns to the Pride, articles began rolling in about Morgan finally being reunited with her husband, who is currently a player for Orlando City SC.

Until I notice that she's tethered to Schuck with a dual resistance band around both their waists. "Yes, I think I can."Morgan, 26, has always been on the fast track."My favorite goals are the ones when there's so much pressure," she says."I focus more when the game is on the line." Last July, Morgan and her team found themselves in exactly that situation, as they defeated Japan 5–2 in the World Cup final. And you can bet that many of them tuned in to catch a glimpse of Morgan, the team's speed-queen forward, number 13. "I always tried to make my family proud," she says.Servando Carrasco is a journeyman Major League Soccer player who has been bounced between four teams in four years. Here’s another reality: women are, on the whole, expected to be subservient to their husbands’ career needs. Or when a wife prioritizes her career needs over her husband’s?Just think about the gendered stereotypes that permeate our notions of the workplace. But it’s never weird when a man has advanced over his wife at work, or moves the whole family for his job, or makes more than her (indeed, it’s apparently a source of anxiety to many men if they make less than their wives).

The youngest of three sisters, Morgan was raised in Diamond Bar, California, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

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