Alanis morissette who is she dating

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And if they were going to change their state song, perhaps they would have picked a slightly more famous Mississippian songwriter than Glen Ballard: for instance John Lee Hooker, Faith Hill, Bo Diddley or Sam Cooke.

I had to break that pattern by not allowing myself to have a relationship for a year, stopping myself from committing to men. I've had lots of dates and lots of sex, but I haven't been pushing to turn a date into a relationship.Since Glen Ballard is originally from Mississippi, the state legislature made this the state song in honor of a Mississippi boy doing good.However, none of the legislatures knew exactly what the lyrics were.Dennis of Remeoville, Illinois, is winding you all up. The state song of Mississippi is "Go Mississippi" by William Houston Davis, who was born in Oklahoma in 1914 but moved to Mississippi during WWII.As if a song called "You Oughta Know" about a failed love affair would have been made a state song!

Morissette teamed up with industry veteran Glen Ballard, and she began to approach songwriting more organically.

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