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The ministry also participated in eight international fairs including the 51st Internationale Tourismus Bourse (ITB), Tourism Fair Berlin-Germany; China’s Outbound travel and tourism market (COTTOM) in Beijing, China and the Akwaaba Fair in Nigeria.While organising cultural programs and travelling to international fairs are all reasonable tourism promotions activities, it does not even begin to address the core challenges faced by the tourism industry in Ghana.

Follow Jowaa: @jowaajowaa We are proud to introduce «JOWAA» to the world with its infectious first single: «Okw3? The frantic song calls to the audience and asks, in Ga: «Are you watching? On this track, Angolan kuduro meets South African afro-house to create a unique Ghanaian brand of E. Bedand guarantees you're getting the best price on your bed and breakfast stay when you book your room on Bedand Within 24 hours of your booking, if you find a better price for the same room on the same date(s) at the same B&B, Bedand will refund the difference to you!It reflects the government’s realisation that increased spending in tourism has great potential to drive economic growth and create jobs.However, it would be completely NEEDLESS for the government to spend this hefty amount of GHS 16.7m to build the so-called AKWAABA HOTELS.

NPP’s 2016 manifesto acknowledged the huge tourism potential that has been left unexplored for many years by successive governments and promised their government will be different.

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