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So this interaction we'll be so bold to call it is nothing short but memorable. Wonder if they even spoke at all, since you know, usually you don't say much if you're sitting next to a stranger on a plane.

Drinking sufficient fluid in-flight actually helps prevent a chain reaction that leaves you prone to catching something nasty.In fact, you should drink bottled water, regardless – the Environmental Protection Agency once found that 15 percent of the water on planes contained fecal matter. Make sure you use plenty of soap or pull out those antibacterial wipes. Never use the airplane blankets or pillows unless they come packaged" data-reactid="179"If the pillow or blanket shows up in sealed plastic, that means it has been laundered, says Harmon. Who knows where they’ve been or what germs are lingering on them.Bring your own or use a jacket or sweater to do the trick. Don’t wait until the last minute before you travel to get your shots" data-reactid="203"“You need time to build immunity after they’re administered,” explains Harmon. (It’s only spread through direct contact with someone who is already symptomatic.) But that doesn’t mean there aren’t 1,001 other things to catch in transit. A Liberian national who flew from his home to Dallas to see relatives was hospitalized on Sept. But don’t worry – unless your seatmate is fresh out of Liberia, bleeding from his eyes, and pukes on you, it’s unlikely you’re going to contract Ebola on a plane.

Long-distance travellers sitting in a window seat tend to have limited mobility, which increases their risk for DVT.

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