Air force rules on dating

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If you have a preexisting health condition and still wish to join the Air Force, your recruiter can help you consider the general guidelines for medical conditions and your eligibility for entrance into the Air Force.The doctor at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) can evaluate preexisting conditions and determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis.If you are interested in joining, and are otherwise eligible, you will need to provide all medical documents pertaining to the condition to your recruiter for consideration.

VISAS The Air Force is currently recruiting certain legal, non-citizens into active duty who possess critical language and cultural skills in one of seven strategic languages. citizenship, it must be done before applying to join the Air Force. military branches cannot assist foreign nationals in obtaining admittance into the United States. You can enlist in the Air Force with a high school diploma or a GED.Married individuals with legal, physical custody of up to two children under the age of 18 and/or incapable of self care may enlist provided you are otherwise qualified.For married individuals with three children, a waiver will be required to permit you to enlist.If you aspire to be an Airman, ensure that you meet requirements now and make choices that will keep you eligible over time.The Air Force maintains strict height and weight requirements throughout your career.

To join as an Air Force Officer, at a minimum you must have a four-year college degree or be within 365 days of attaining your bachelor’s degree when you apply.

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