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i managed to live there 4 years without meeting a single person i would have liked to date.

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most of the students here are from small texas towns, if you are at all familiar with that mentality. They are married to people they met at the college. I am an Aggie, still have several friends in grad school, and even a few single professor friends and they sincerely think that the town is dreadful for anyone over the age of about 23. The undergraduates are mostly drunken partiers (I know... ) During graduate school, everyone was married or engaged (At lest the people who were worth pursuing). To the students, I'm an old man..the married community, I'm still a drunken partier. A&M is a great school which is strongly conservative and steeped in rich tradition.

a&m is very strong in engineering, teaching, agriculture - tends to attract more conservative types. Only one thing you must be concerned with, your car, kitchen, and more will be maroon for a very long time. I am sure you will find what you are looking for in College Station, both academically and personally.

They have so much school spirit it’s terrifying A&M doesn’t have freshman orientation.

They have a cult indoctrination period known as “Fish Camp” that involves bussing thousands of impressionable teenagers and 900 counselors to an even crappier town than College Station so they can spend four days (four days!

They’re not gonna stop doing it -- in fact, they just erected a statue depicting 12 students in the act of sawing.

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