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Tools and extensions allow advanced users to perform complex, industrial tasks such as extracting segments from a Word, Access, Power Point or Excel file, pre-translate them, optimize translation memories, analyze projects, monitor terminology use among different translators, develop project-specific extensions etc.

We sincerely hope this professional tool will help you increase productivity and provide a better work environment.

The lower box (either green, yellow or gray) is the target segment.

Furthermore, documents can be quality-checked in batch mode so that project managers can have a detailed report on the typography/terminology quality of the documents they handle.Search for, then delete,, Wordfast.doc, and Also, you may wish to actually rename your previous (into wordfast.old, for example) so that you may fall back on it in case of problems.Upgrading Wordfast All it takes in order to upgrade to a new version is: 0. Regularly visit to make sure you are using the latest version. Open the document to be translated, click the Next icon.Wordfast works from within Ms-Word, but documents such as Ms-Excel, Ms-Access, Ms-Power Point and HTML files can be translated as well.Wordfast's TM format is open - it can be viewed and/or edited with Word, Excel, Access and many other popular programs.

Source and target segments should never contain carriage returns, tabulators or page breaks. Translate the document, clicking Next to validate segments.

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