Advice for dating a virgo man

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A Virgo is always seeking to improve their surroundings, and as an Earth sign, they rely on their relationship with the material world (i.e. Don't be surprised if your Virgo ends up going back to school to gain additional skills. They have the reputation of being the Zodiac's clean freaks, but that is because of their practical, detail-oriented nature.Whatever a Virgo's course of study, you can expect that it will be practical and designed to help them get the upper hand in their career. A Virgo might not be as obsessive as their reputation makes them out to be, but you can expect that they will be highly organized.When dating a Virgo, it's important to recognize that a Virgo's work is very important.If they need to work over a weekend, don't plan a date to distract them from their job.Virgos are Earth signs, which means they are grounded.

They are also the perfectionists of the Zodiac, which means that it's going to be hard to tear a Virgo away from their work.

Humoring your Virgo sweetie will go a long way, though.

They are a kind sign, who reciprocates patience measure for measure.

What comes off as obsessive to some is actually reflective of a Virgo's desire to help others by improving their surroundings.

Methodical and efficient, Virgos were born to serve others, and if you are in their affection, you will reap all of the rewards.

If a Virgo is running late to meet you, you can expect to get a text or a call to let you know. You can count on them, and in return, all they ask is that they will be able to count on you, too.

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