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No matter how badly you want to, you never touch the quarterback.

"Lots of quarterbacks broke my heart," Passas says, "but Matt broke it the most the day he showed up as a freshman and said, 'I don't want to be a quarterback anymore.I'm way better at soccer—and you can tell him I said that." He loves his brother and admires his talent but there is no envy in him; in the Polynesian culture in which they were raised, jealousy is not tolerated. '" To Matt, Marcus is the guy he can commiserate with after a rough practice, and somebody who understands how much he misses Hawaii."Matt is such a good-spirited kid, he's not threatened by Marcus at all," Alana says. They talk daily, often through text messages, with Marcus constantly reminding Matt that college football is a journey to be enjoyed.Marcus also has other ways of checking in: When the Ducks opened fall camp on Aug.10, he called Lockie, his best friend, and told him he expected regular updates on Matt, and to make sure he stayed out of trouble. Matt tagged along with his big brother everywhere, from boogie boarding to neighborhood soccer and football games.

I want to hit people.'" Passas says that Matt, a lefty, could "drop dimes all over the field," and has the type of easygoing—and somewhat outgoing—personality that pulls in teammates.

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