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They would have relished in the memory of your death. You must not hesitate when the time to kill comes again." He nodded silently as he listened.

He had been an open book and she'd read him cover to cover.

She stirred slightly as waves of vanilla hair gently drifted aside and her always possessive arm hugged him closer to her. There was no use hiding anything from this succubus. He broke his gaze from hers as he looked up to the trees again, "I was just thinking about what's happened recently.

They had been in pursuit of Danika for days now and it always seemed like the enforcer of the evil goddess was one step ahead of them. " The quiet whisper startled him slightly out of his brooding thoughts. It never ceased to amaze him how he could lose himself in those depths. I didn't mean to wa-" he started, but she hushed him softly with her fingers to his lips. The chasing, fear, and battles we've all been through together." Blaze could feel her steadily watching him in the silent moments to follow. The young warrior could only nod as he wondered if she could truly see into his soul after all.

Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age. Chapter 6 - Storm's Wrath The morning sky was a dim blue in the twilight before the rising of the sun. One can easily forget the troubles of the world like this, if at least for a brief time.

He glanced over and saw the Dark Maiden gazing wistfully towards the sun as it rose. It seems now that Blaze and his friends have pushed into Kozue in their pursuit." "Really? " the big immortal said thoughtfully, "An old friend of mine lives there." Eilistraee strode over and sat down next to him. " He nodded as he watched the sun slowly rise higher into the sky. My old friend has run into some trouble recently with some neighbors.

Eilistraee sighed softly and folded her arms beneath her breasts. " Her blue eyes glanced from the sun to him as a sly grin appeared on her face. I'll send a message about Blaze coming into her territory.

That wasn't why he hadn't slept very much this night or the nights past, for that matter.

Lying close next to him was the most perfect, beautiful woman in all the world. Her eyes showed genuine concern as they looked into the very depths of his soul.

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