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Part of becoming a smoker is that your mind finds ways to resolve this dissonance so that you can continue smoking without experiencing the mental conflict.

It does this by coming up with ‘cognitive distortions’ – arguments that, on the face of it, might seem logical and that allow you to keep smoking.

CBT works by inviting the patient to examine aspects of their life that are causing them difficulties or problems, and to challenge some of the unhelpful thoughts that they have and that are contributing to the problem I quit and I haven’t looked back.

The programme, which I have now put into a book, involves a series of exercises that gradually build on one another.

Smoking is something we can do without really thinking about it most of the time, and it’s easy for us to create myths and illusions around why we should keep doing it. Instead, everything on this list is your mind’s attempt to justify something that doesn’t make sense. It costs an incredible amount of money and, ultimately, it’s likely to either kill or disable us. We want to do it but we know it is bad for us and we shouldn’t do it.

In psychology, this problem is called ‘cognitive dissonance’ – when our thoughts are in conflict with one another.

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