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Continue to follow these steps until all of the spaces on the list have been organized.

Move on to the next item on the list of spaces to be organized and follow the steps outlined above.Divide the space you are working on into a grid and work on one portion of the grid at a time.There are a number of ways to divide the space: Quartering: Divide the space into quarters visually or by marking it off with masking tape or string.Organizing a physical space can be broken down into the following steps: The first step is to make a list of all the physical spaces that need organizing, numbering the spaces from “easiest to organize” to “most difficult to organize,” using higher numbers for more difficult locations.You can post a copy of this list on a bulletin board or refrigerator door—somewhere you can see it all the time.

Before you start an organizing task, select a reward to give yourself when you’ve finished.

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