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And now you’re at risk of messing up your life by trying to put out your father’s fires.

We do not have one common pronoun as "I" in Japanese and this makes even us, native Japanese, confused in some cases. If you omitted the 'a' the sentence would not be grammatically correct.

We could end up with a permanent houseguest who does not/cannot contribute financially and whose presence seriously strains our marriage. Or suggestions for a solution I’m too in the middle of to see?

And although we have a spare room, my husband and I work from home a lot and there isn’t really any place to go to get away. I feel like it is my responsibility to take care of him, regardless of the cost, and that I’ve failed as a human being if I do not. Ignore my father’s situation and figure he will work it out eventually? Or do I watch my marriage, business and the life I’ve worked hard to build for myself crumble because my father won’t/can’t support himself? — Worried Daughter There are a couple of things it seems you are “too in the middle” to see or accept.

But most of the websites these days only provide no-follow links and no-follow links are also important to drive organic traffic to a website.

Reciprocal Link refers to the mutual exchange of backlinks between 2 websites.

So, instead of having my father move into our spare bedroom, we rented him a small apartment in the area and paid all of his expenses.

Unfortunately, that job restructured after three months, and, although my dad was supposed to be transferred to another branch, that fell through, too.

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There are more words meaning "I" in Japanese and we use one of them depending on who speaks, where that person speaks, to whom that person speaks etc. In this case, 'a' is best because we're not speaking about a specific lawyer that has already been mentioned.

I used to be a Japanese teacher for foreigners and we teach them "わたし(watashi)" is "I", but it is NOT, in fact. My answer is "just ignore it" cause I mean that just ignore a bit strange. In English, we usually use an article ('a' or 'an', or 'the') before a profession.

The only thing we could do to help would be for my father to move into our spare room, and my husband is vehemently against it, to the point of saying that he will not stay in the house if my father moves in. We supported my father for a year, at a cost in excess of $20,000, counting rent, utilities, food, expenses and moving costs both to here and to where he got the last job.

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