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Did it feel weird to have fans saying they connected with songs like Anna Begins when you knew what they were about?“Those songs aren’t even about the girls,” he tells me.“In Anna Begins Anna is a character, but really the song is not about me and her, it’s just about me.They are all just about me.” August and Everything After sold 10 million copies.I first saw the band 19 years ago – back then Duritz sported a tangled mass of dreadlocks that seemed to have a life of their own.Almost two decades later and Duritz looks exactly the same, except that the dreadlocks not only have a life of their own – they may well also have their own agent.The man originally from the American, so also held the American nationality.

He was born in Baltimore, the USA to his parents on 1st August 1964, and grew up with his parents.“There were so many artists and musicians hanging out – I met William Burroughs and Allan Ginsberg, Tom Petty was around, the Hughes brothers had just made Menace 2 Society.Johnny knew all these people.” When he wasn’t hanging out with Johnny and his famous friends, Duritz was dating some of the most desirable women in Hollywood, including Christina Applegate, Lara Flynn Boyle, Gwen Stefani and Winona Ryder.They entered limelight with the launched of their first album, ' August' and ' Everything After' 1993, which spawned the hit song "Mr. They have sold over 20million album copies worldwide and fetched a 2004 Academy Award nominations for their single ' Accidentally in Love', that was adding within the animation movie ' Sherk2', till date.The guy recently is a lead singer and songs writer of the band "Counting Crows" and he was also a judge for the 10th annual ' Liberty Music Award' to encourage liberty artists' careers.

A famous singer and songwriter of the America, Adam Duritz has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars and it has always been in going high side and gets massive salary through songs, lyrics, stage performance and film producer as well.

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