Accommodating ell in the classroom

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Oral Communication: Even though reading and writing are both important skills, forcing your ESL students to speak as much as possible helps to ingrain the sound and feel of the language in your students’ minds.

It is crucial that ESL students develop a level of comfort with speaking English in front of others.

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This will ultimately determine their level of success.7.

Cooperative Learning /Group Work: Learning a new language and communicating in English becomes more fun and natural when students can work through it together. Cooperative learning groups allow students to learn from one another and have fun.8.

This will help them to become more interested and passionate about learning English words and phrases because it will help them to communicate about the things important to them in their lives.

This way, they will feel more comfortable with what you are asking them to do, and there will be less confusion.4.

This is a great way to blend auditory, oral and reading skills.

It will also help your ESL students to become more comfortable speaking English in front of their peers.3.

Use simple sentence structure, support your instruction with visual references and physical gestures, and check for understanding often.2.

Read-Alouds: Provide lots of opportunities for your students to read aloud.

Opportunities for Success: Lastly, your ESL students are probably overwhelmed with all the changes and will easily become discouraged with how difficult some tasks are in a new language.

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