About dating older men

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If you want to wait to have a kid until you’re in your early 30s, your older man is going to be about 50.Having to run around after a 5-year-old is hard work, especially if it’s been that much longer since your man ran around as a 5-year-old. Older people warrant more of it, so while your man’s white hair will give him all kinds of credit with the people you two encounter, you’ll automatically be dismissed as slightly inferior, regardless of your personal attributes.These are all the stereotypical reasons people tend to think older men love to date younger women.And while these things may be true for some men, the attraction is a little more complicated than that.A young woman is compatible with him in that she is also seeking more connection.

This is one of the cruel jokes of the dating world: younger men are focused on significance and younger women are focused on connection. At some point, an older man will realize he's squandered his youth on the pursuit of power and may have neglected his family in the process.

This may not be the case, but whether it is or not, taking on daily public scrutiny like this is no picnic.

It will happen a whole lot earlier for him than it will for you, so you’ll get jealous of his increased free time while he’ll start demanding more of your attention to fill up his long, empty hours, even though you’re still an occupied professional.

While you initially marvel over his fancy home and career, you will quickly learn that he must work hard (and often) to pay the bills and continue climbing the corporate ladder.

Sometimes, this means less attention for you and almost always means that you and bew cannot be together every waking moment.

You’re already going to have elderly parents to deal with as the years progress.

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