7 biblical truths violated christian dating

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11) True Christianity teaches that darkness always attempts to overtake the light (Jn.

1:5), and Satan always attempts to distort truth (Jn. Those that do not know Christ are blind to the moral implications of God’s law and remain in darkness under the control of Satan (2 Cor. We all once resided in this darkness, but for the Christian, Christ has called us out of darkness into his light (Col. Therefore the Christian’s battle is now not against the liberal media, or Muslims, or post-moderns, but against Satan and the principalities and forces of darkness who oppose the kingdom of Christ (Eph. 12) True Christianity teaches that Christians will be persecuted and hated by these forces of darkness and by people under the spell of darkness (Mark ).

Masturbation Is Condemned Through What Is Condoned in the Bible Contrary to popular opinion, the Bible does speak directly to the issue of masturbation with unmistakable clarity.Every person is a wretched sinner, whose heart beats for the gratification of self, and there is no amount of “willing” or “running” a person could do in trying to obey the law that would change the fact that we are all law-breakers without exception (Rom. 7) True Christianity teaches that Christ in his love and mercy has absorbed the penalty we deserved by dying for our sins on the cross (Rom. His resurrection is proof that those who seek refuge in him will also escape the penalty of death (2 Cor.-15) and inherit his righteous deeds so they can stand before God (2 Cor. 8) True Christianity teaches that every person must repent of their sin and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. Therefore when a Christian calls for another’s repentance before God, it is not a hypocritical “we” verses “them” statement, but rather a call to walk the path of repentance that each of us is already on—and it’s a path of the most love and grace and mercy than one could possibly imagine. Jesus even loved and forgave those who killed him (Lk. Following his example Christians strive to walk in a manner of love towards all (1 Jn. 10) True Christianity teaches that the most loving thing a Christian can do for another person is to point them to the only hope they have, the only Savior of souls in the universe, Jesus Christ.After all, if Christ was hated for announcing God’s kingdom rule in himself, why should we expect to be treated better for identifying with him (Jn. 13) True Christianity teaches that the most hardened sinner, specifically those who hate and abhor God and God’s laws, are not outside the reach of the grace of God (Matt. Saul, a persecutor of the church and a murderer of Christians, was radically converted by an act of the grace and mercy of God, even while he was uttering threats against Christians (Acts 9).14) True Christianity teaches that there is hope in Christ that He will one day return, judge everyone, set all wrongs right, and make all things new (1 Cor. In the end, every person, Christ follower and Christ hater will bow before Jesus Christ in worship, some in eternal heaven, others in eternal hell (Philippians -11).

Only Jesus Christ, the perfect law-keeper and atonement-maker, is a legitimate refuge from God’s wrath and punishment for sin (Jn. Furthermore, the Christian life is one of continual repentance towards Christ and faith in Christ (Rom. 9) True Christianity teaches Christians to not “hate” anyone, but rather teaches us to be compelled by the love of Jesus Christ to love God and neighbor (Lk. Like a lone rescue boat in a vast ocean, he is the only hope for humanity (Acts ).

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