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It just means they don’t intend to meet you because you aren’t compatible and don’t respect their preferences."Ditto! You people sure have a lot more time on your hands than I do (and I am retired). Don't you ever get bored of just meeting any and everybody?OMG, sorry about wanting to make sure I have enough in common with a potential date by want to chat online. One or both of you are really leery of actually meeting up in fact. I like to send and receive a few messages first, just to try and see if this is a person I want to meet.

Few people in person F2F are going exactly like their pics.Yeah, it may be "only a date", but if she just has no sense of being interested in a particular guy,why would she go on a date with him?Going by some threads here, there ARE women who will use "only a date" philosophy to "get out of the house", "get a free meal"-with little intention of continuing to date a specific guy to develop a relationship.Little wonder they are in no particular hurry to meet.There IS one thing that anyone over 60 should have figured out.

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