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Seasons 52 makes meals for average feeble people with small appetites and large pockets, people like Pam and I will never be satisfied going there and we are forced to order 2 plates or just go somewhere else afterwards so we feel full.Seasons 52 has no right to charge what they do and then limit my consumption because of calories.You have to have confidence when you compete, you have to believe you are the best no matter what the WOD is. In the wake on the Lance Armstrong revelation, it’s probably appropriate to discuss PEDs and Crossfit.Well what happens when the WOD is over and you gave your best, but your best was only good enough for 5th place. Your mind starts racing as to what you could have done better, or how the people ahead of you cheated, etc. The purpose of this post is not to judge or point fingers, it’s mostly to open up the discussion or open people’s eyes.

I’ll segway into my own experiences now, experiences that most of ya’ll will be akin too.The problem was that Saturday we planned on having an all day training session in Miami so we couldn’t have her miss that.So thus ensued a conversation between myself, the Jurist Doctor, and Pam, the soon to be Medical Doctor. In this country, recommended dosages are made for average and weak people, people like Pam and I aren’t average or weak and thus a recommended dosage will never be enough.Never overlook anyone you compete against – remember there’s always someone out there that just wants to say I beat you and thats their goa. I love it soo much that on my bedside table I always have at least 2-3 different jars of Nut Butters. The first is just Plain Ole Nut Butters, and the second is Favored Nut Butters. Mara Natha – Dark Chocolate Almond Spread (Very Expensive) 2. The only repercussions to using PEDs (besides the unknown side effect later in life) is getting caught and thus losing that integrity that Crossfitters held onto since its infancy. With the possibility of winning 10K in a local contest, the popularity associated with being a GAMES Athlete, and the opportunity of sponsorship whats stopping anyone from NOT USING PEDs.Accept (well kindof accept) that sometimes you just ain’t that good in one particular WOD but there’s at least 3-4 more WODs to prove otherwise. I don’t care about the sugar content or that Peanut Butter is not Paleo. Obviously, this is MY Ranking and we will all differ, but if you havent tried any of these on the list then you best get to your nearest market and get you some!! Let me start this post with a General Warning: I am a Doctor, but not a Medical Doctor, just a Jurist Doctor who pretends to know all there is about anything.

Maybe acceptance isn’t the right word, but rather moving on and never forgetting is the proper term. We uphold standards to ourselves every time we WOD, for instance, we make sure we are going below parallel, maintaining full extension, or performing ALL the reps necessary.

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