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This dysfunction is commonly diagnosed as underlying depression with quick referrals to counseling or psychotherapy, but more and more scientists and clinicians are starting to point the finger at female testosterone deficiency and perhaps rightly so, because it plays a huge role in the physiology, the psyche, and sexuality of women as well as men.

One of the reasons that testosterone gets such short shrift in discussions about women's health is that women just don't manufacture much of it, but therein lies one of the reasons the whole issue is so misunderstood.

And when it comes to exercise, they find it difficult to lose fat or gain curvy muscle and they never seem to get the results they hope for.

The "it" I'm talking about is high, or at least normal, levels of testosterone.

Normally, female hyenas have perfectly reasonable levels of an enzyme that converts androstenedione into estrogen.

Nope, in women, testosterone is only a part of a complicated chemical profile that results in them being far more sensitive to its effects than men. Conversely, while women are considered to be "all estrogen," the testosterone levels in healthy women are 10 times greater than their estrogen levels.If true, it certainly constitutes an epidemic of low testosterone, but what could have caused this epidemic?Back in 1950, a woman named Margaret Sanger teamed up with a wealthy, like-minded feminist named Katherine Dexter Mc Cormick.Obviously, that doesn't happen in us human types, but nevertheless some conversion of androstenedione to testosterone does occur.All of this is important because they're all contributing factors in a woman's health.

Obviously, the hormonal picture is a lot more complicated than it's given credit for.

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